Top Ten Middlegame Ideas #2: The Isolated Queen Pawn – Part 2

I look at a couple more transformations of Isolated Queen Pawn positions, with examples from the following games: Johner vs. Kullberg – Szabo vs. Melngailis – Tolush vs. Sokolsky – Petrosian vs. Ilivitsky – Donner vs. Ostojic – Visit: Source

Hearthstone Grandmasters Overview

Ready for all of the excitement and drama of the highest level of Hearthstone competition? Hearthstone Grandmasters is here! Check out our blog for all of the details: Follow us for the latest news and updates! Tweets by HSesports Subscribe! Visit: Source

Banter Blitz Chess with GM Laurent Fressinet – December 19, 2018

GM Laurent Fressinet plays blitz chess against Premium users while talking about his moves. Go Premium to challenge Laurent in his show: ► Become a Premium member to get access to everything chess24 has to offer: ► Watch live and on-demand shows: ► Follow top tournaments with our state-of-the-art broadcast system: […]

Basics in chess – Middlegame strategy – Targeting opponents weaknesses Part 2

Here is another video from the Basics in chess series. Today’s theme is again the middlegame strategy with the accent of the King in the center weakness of your opponent shown in a really nice game played by Willhelm Steinitz in 1985. Here is the previous video of the Middlegame strategy of this series. THANKS […]

Viper vs Kolento – Hearthstone Grandmasters Europe – Week 7

Viper and Kolento face off in Week 7, Day 3 of Hearthstone Grandmasters! Follow us for the latest Hearthstone Esports news and updates! Tweets by HSesports Subscribe! — Watch live at Visit: Source

Middlegame chess strategy – Part 9 – Backward pawns

Here is a new video from the Basics in chess series. Today’s theme will be the backward pawn in a middlegame by your opponent. THANKS FOR WATCHING CHESS IS THE BEST !!!!! Support my channel and subscribe. Follow me on: Tweets by jozarov You can support my channel on If you […]