Dj Muggs vs GZA – Grandmasters (2005) [full album]

“Opening” 0:00
“Those That’s Bout It” 1:35
“Destruction of a Guard” (featuring Raekwon) 5:00
“Exploitation of Mistakes” 8:59
“General Principles” 12:21
“Advance Pawns” (featuring RZA, Raekwon & Sen Dog) 16:00
“Queen’s Gambit” 20:01
“All in Together Now”” (featuring RZA) 24:37
“Unstoppable Threats” (featuring Masta Killa & Prodigal Sunn) 29:01
“Unprotected Pieces” 32:45
“Illusory Protection” 36:14
“Smothered Mate” 40:40
“Chess is the ultimate board game. Monopoly is not in its league and Checkers doesn’t compare at all. It’s civilized war. It’s a mathematical thing, its science, and it’s strategy. That’s life all the time. Just planning your day, being ten steps ahead and seeing the moves ahead. That’s what chess is about. I’m not the greatest player. I’m not a master or a grandmaster. I lose a lot, but I learn. I’ve been defeated plenty times. I play online and I might have 900 wins and 850 losses but I play all the time. The game is fascinating and I am captivated by that. The album I just dropped is called Grandmasters. That’s the highest level you reach when playing chess and it’s also the highest level of emceeing, producing and deejaying. Most of the titles are chess slang ‘Queen’s Gambit,’ ‘Destruction of a Guard,’ ‘Unprotected Pieces,’ and ‘Illusionary Protection.’ I incorporate chess into certain rhymes. I use chess all time. Chess is a big part of what I do.” – GZA



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