10 Positional Secrets of the Great Karpov

Ready to learn from the “Baby Snake” who could squeeze the life out of giants like Kasparov? 

FM Miloje Ratkovic presents to you a comprehensive 1.5 hour FREE video lesson explaining the TEN positional commandments that separated this World Champion, with peak ELO rating of 2780 and ranked No. 1 for a full 102 months, from the rest.

Here is a sneak peak into some of these best-kept positional chess principles:

Rule 1. Punish Your Opponent's Mistakes

Never ever let your opponent get away with a mistake…NEVER! Always look out for weaknesses in your enemy’s camp just like Tolya did against Korchnoi in the 1974 Candidates Final match. With sharp and precise technique, exploit your opponent’s holes and try to secure an advantage as fast possible.

Rule 2. Play Backward-to-Forward Chess

Think about the endgames first and then, plan your middlegame strategy to reach your favorable positions. In this lesson, Ratkovic shows how Karpov did the same against his opponents. He could go on playing forever until he reached his “dream position”.

Rule 3. Principle of Two Weaknesses

This principle states that “an opponent might defend against one disadvantage but will probably crumble against two or more”. And every great positional chess master, including Karpov, knew this. Remember the Karpov’s Immortal against Topalov? One disadvantage added up to another and finally, a crushing defeat for Topalov. 

Next comes…

Want to Know The Rest?

In this one and half hour lesson, FM Miloje Ratkovic defines each of the 10 Positional Secrets that made Karpov “Karpov”!

If positional chess fascinates you or you are stuck in a rut at the club level and want to break past the 2000+ level, this video lesson might be the one you were looking for. 

Well, you might not become Karpov in ONE day, of course. But, if you keep these 10 positional chess secrets in mind every time you play a game, you will improve…day by day.

And perhaps, you might win your next tournament…and the one after that…and the one after that.

So, don’t think twice. Click below for your FREE video lesson now.

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